Behind the scenes

What is this site?

This site is for gathering statistics from opt-in nodes. The user and post count data here is opt-in for node admins and needs to be activated in node settings. The idea is to generate some feel towards how many of us there really are in The Federation.

The code is in GitHub under AGPLv3. Please file bugs and ideas there if you want to - and of course pull request are welcome too.

Can I get a copy of the data?

It's all available as JSON, feel free to use any data you want! I cannot guarantee the JSON will not change over time, though it should mostly stay stable. You can always let me know if you depend on some JSON feed and I'll make sure not to break it.

Here are the endpoints:

Please don't abuse these endpoints. They are refreshed only once per day, at 00:13 EET, so there is no need to bang them every 10 minutes for new data..

How do I get my node listed?

For registering your node with this hub, go to https://the-federation.info/register/<yournode.tld>. After some seconds, you should see your node added. After that, daily updates happen once per 24 hours (some minutes past midnight EET).

Follow on The Federation

You can follow the official account on The Federation to receive daily or weekly statistics. The posts will be tagged according to frequency, so instead of following the account you can also subscribe to the hashtags. The following hashtags will be used:




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