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What is The Federation?

The Federation refers to a global social network composed by nodes talking together. Each of them is an installation of a software which supports the diaspora* protocol. This website lists all the registered servers among the world to draw statistics. You know, we love numbers and numbers love us.

  • Nodes: 347
  • Users: 685325
  • Last 6 months active users: 62182
  • Last month active users: 30480
  • Posts: 8311027
  • Comments: 4284074
Disclaimer: These counts do not reflect the whole network due to the opt-in nature of the statistics.


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diaspora* - Friendica - GangGo - Hubzilla - Socialhome

Discover the projects which are composing the federation

Project diaspora* Friendica GangGo Hubzilla Socialhome
First release date 11-2010 07-2010 02-2017 08-2015 07-2017
Nodes 172 69 1 96 3
Users 670158 12679 73 1945 470
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Source code Github Github Github Github Github

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diaspora* - Friendica - Hubzilla - Socialhome

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Yay! Welcome in the crew! To see your node included in this website, please go to<yournode.tld>. After some seconds, you should see your pod added. After that, daily updates happen once per 24 hours (some minutes past midnight EET).